Welcome to the DNA Research Group

The Data & Network Analytics Research Group is based in the Computing and Information Science program at Masdar Institute, which is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
The Group is a collection of faculty members and researchers who are focused on the following research topics:

  1. Data Mining
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Text Mining
  4. Bioinformatics
  5. Technology Forecasting
  6. SmartGrid
  7. Networks
  8. Image Processing


The DNA Group and collaborators from MIT and the University of Oldenburg will be organizing the 4th International Workshop on Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration, which will be hosted at ECML/PKDD 2016. The proceedings will be published as a Springer LNAI post-proceedings volume. In addition, the proceedings of DARE 2015 are already available from Springer as an LNAI volume.